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Hybrid Theory

Turk or human? You decide.

Jiang Chi
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Character: Jiang Chi
Age: 22
Have you ever played this character before?: No
Born In: Wutai
History: Heres where things get interesting. Jiang was born in Wutai. One of her parents, her father, was a Wutai native. The other, her mother, was a tourist from Midgar. Shortly after Jiang was born, they decided to go visit the mother's family and introduce Jiang. Just one problem...

In the ocean trip over there is a massive storm, and Jiang's father immediately drowned. Her mother held onto Jiang, surving somehow on a piece of debris, and somehow made it into Midgar but very battered and sick. Her mother manages to relay a message to the train station employee, and was taken to a hospital where she shortly after died. Jiang meanwhile, name in tact, was sent to an orphanage.

Being the new kid, things were hard on Jiang. But she quickly learned that if you fight back, people wont mess with you anymore. People started to respect her even, and she was soon billed as a troublemaker. Shed often sneak out of the orphanage to explore, and during these expeditions would find materia. An intensely curious child, she was able to figure out how they worked, and loved trying them out on local monsters, or as she called it "playing" with them.

That young talent didnt go unnoticed, and Jiang enjoyed doing it. It was the one time she could be truely at ease, on the battlefield. She was quickly picked up be shinra, where she trained herself to not just use magic but also guns. (Particularly sniper skills, she was trained in the fine art of assasination throughly) Those guns she had found amusing to try and practice on monsters, and proved a quick learner. It wasnt long before she had become a member of the turks.

Current status: Currently she is in Midgar, training others in sniper skills and awaiting any impending orders.

Jiang is well versed in all kind of firearms, but she actually perfers when on non assasination duities using a handgun called a P229. It only fires a single shot at a time, but with Jiang thats all she needs. And since her shots are more skill oriented, she doesnt care about attack power so this weapon has six linked materia slots in it that are as follows.

Ifrit-Haste (Name?)

Jiang is easilly seen as being part Wutain when you first look at her. She has a slender build to her, a small face, and hair that grows naturally long and black. However, her Midgar side shows through in her fierce expression, and eyes that are a rather odd shade of pink though she isnt an albino. She has the end of her bangs a matching pink, and has a few pink highlights in her hair as well.

This is where things get odd. Jiang, around others shes never met before, people she doesnt know well, or even those she just doesnt like will act very hyper, friendly, and outgoing. In reality however shes very distant from people, she doesnt make friends easilly always having the deep fear that they would simply become another enemy. Her real side is quite serious as well, calm, cool, and calculating. Only her allies in battle get to see this, and soemtimes not even them. In other words, Jiang is a LOT smarter, and different, than she looks.